Exercise Coaching


Group Classes

Our group fitness classes are led by a certified coach and include conditioning, strength training, and community. Each class is one hour long and is capped at 14 participants.

Our workouts are geared towards balanced fitness with the promotion of longevity. We use a combination of gymnastics (pull-ups, push-ups, etc), weightlifting (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc), and mono-structural movements (biking, running, rowing, etc). Each class begins with a general warm-up followed by a specific warm-up, then a training session consisting of strength training / conditioning / mobility work / skill work. Every day is different, therefore keeping you from getting bored of doing the same ol' thing.

As a new member, you will begin attending our On-Ramp program before joining Group Classes to learn basic movements, build confidence, and gain exposure to our community.

If you've been doing CrossFit elsewhere and would like to bypass our On-Ramp, you may schedule a test-out by contacting us.


Open 7 days a week with classes on M/T/W/F/Sa, see our calendar for times.


Rates based on # of classes and commitment length

Unlimited Classes
$176 / month - 12 months
$196 / month - 6 months
$216 / month - 3 months

13 Classes per Month
$148 / month - 12 months
$168 / month - 6 months
$188 / month - 3 months


Personal Training

Whether you're a member of our Group Classes and want some individual training to supplement your workouts, or a person who simply desires one on one coaching, we can help. We offer Personal Training in 30 or 60 mins blocks for $40 / $70 respectively.