Our Team

Our goal as coaches is to Educate, Inspire, and Entertain our members every chance we get. We believe that in order to better coach you, we must get to know you on a deeper level - which is why we approach every conversation with a simple framework: 'ask, listen, learn'. There is nothing we enjoy more than hearing how our members' health and fitness has allowed them to enjoy life at a higher level.


Jeremy Kochis

I am a husband, father, business partner, friend, coach, and wannabe golfer. I opened Reviver with my best bud, Vince, because we both shared a passion for coaching people through the challenges of becoming healthier, happier, more energetic humans.

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Vince Terbrack

My purpose in life is to help you to find the best version of yourself. A version thats more healthier, happier, and energetic. My Faith leads me, my Wife’s unconditional love fuels me, my Family/Friends support me, my Business provides for me, and a passion for learning guides me

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Sammie Terbrack

I am a: humbled servant, proud wife, passionate coach, and elephant enthusiast. My purpose is: To create meaningful connections, to show God’s love in everything I do/say, and to walk with others on their journey towards a fulfilling life. I believe that “health” involves physical, mental, spiritual, and relational well-being.

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Paul Murphy

My passion for fitness began in sport. As the years have passed, my own personal struggles (physically, mentally and emotionally) have driven me from the role of athlete to coach. I aim to teach people how to move well and care for their wellness- beyond physical health. 

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Supporting Cast

In order to provide our members with the absolute best health and fitness service, we've brought the following professionals in-house to support our team and members: