The Best YOU Program

What If...

What if you could have the energy to achieve your work, personal, family, and recreational goals every day. The mental clarity to stay focused on the task at hand without being constantly distracted. A sense of gratitude that over-powered your urge to be frustrated, angry, and upset with the unexpected stressors in life. The confidence to learn new skills, strut your stuff on the beach, reach outside your comfort zone, and expand your horizon. The ability to inspire those around you through your actions and commitment to living a fulfilling life. A level of happiness rivaled by most and attained by few. This is all possible when you strive to become The Best YOU!

So what is The Best YOU program, exactly?

It’s a full circle health and fitness program that provides access to Reviver’s gym AND monthly meetings with a professional coach.

Here’s what it really provides:

  • Guidance to give you a clear path to success

  • Support to pick you up when you slip, and keep you focused on your long term goals

  • Accountability to ensure you're hitting your marks and building momentum

  • Fitness classes to keep you energized and inspired

Why is this so critical?

Because the three biggest reasons people fail to make lasting change and truly become the best versions of themselves, are lack of guidance, not enough support, and no one to hold them accountable. In short, The Best YOU program is the gateway to you optimizing your health and fitness in order to live your life to the fullest.

This program is needed — NOW more than ever. Why? For three main reasons..


#1: Today’s diet and lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our health:

Our culture is full of busy schedules, pressing deadlines, and too much information. This ultimately leads to high stress, poor food choices, little sleep, and not enough time for exercise. Over time this develops into chronic health issues, shorter lives, and less happiness.


#2: Our current healthcare model is not set up to educate us on how to manage this environment: Rather, it is setup to treat acute and traumatic medical conditions with the use of drugs and procedures. Doctors & Nurses are absolutely needed during emergent times, but in order to combat chronic health issues like fatigue, weight management, high cholesterol, digestive discomforts, etc. we need medical professionals and coaches to guide the way to making the required behavioral and lifestyle changes.


#3: Social media is taking away our connections with ourselves and others: We are a social species and need to have strong relationships in order to survive, let alone thrive. Social media today allows us to hide behind tablets and phones, only sharing what we think is 'post-worthy.' Internally this limits how much we truly love ourselves because we equate self-worth to likes and comments. Externally we see other people's highlight reels and it makes us feel inadequate. Despite being called 'social' media, it is taking away our ability to build strong relationships with ourselves and our communities.

So what are we to do?

Well that depends on what you want out of this one and only life that you have. Do you…

  • Find yourself wishing you had more energy to put into your work, relationships, and hobbies?

  • Sometimes look in the mirror and not love what you see?

  • Set out to make changes to your diet / exercise routine, have good intentions, and then fall short?

  • Know what you should do, but don't do it?

If you’re someone who is not ready to settle for mediocre and you want more out of this life, The Best YOU program is for you.

You may be skeptical of how this program can help you..

Let’s better define what it means to us to be a coach:

C - Caring for

O - Other’s

A - Achievements,

C - Character, and

H - Habits!

A good coach guides you when you don’t know the right direction, supports you when you decide on the right direction, and holds you accountable when the wrong direction seems right!

It’s hard to evaluate yourself. Living with mediocrity is comfortable and allows you to think everything you’re doing is fine. Chasing excellence is uncomfortable, but it allows yourself and someone else to call you out on your B.S.

At the end of the day, The Best YOU program is designed to help those who want help to become the best versions of themselves. It is laid out so that the conversation never ends, it keeps going, which allows the relationship to deepen and the progress to expand.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What do we talk about during the monthly meetings? Is this a therapy session? The answer to this is 100% dependent on you. We've found that for some, the focus begins on mindset. For others, we dive right into nutritional changes. However, some want to focus on their movement so our meetings are on the gym floor. We focus on what is important to you and ultimately what is going to move you closer to becoming the best version of YOU!

  • What if my lifestyle is pretty solid and I don’t feel like I can improve much? Even if you feel like ‘all is good’, you can still get a lot of benefit from meeting monthly with a coach. You will most likely learn new strategies or power habits that un-lock energy, happiness, or performance that you’ve yet to experience. Also, your monthly meeting could be spent in the gym where your coach can help you develop new skills, improve movement, or build strength.

  • What if I’d like to meet for longer than 30 minutes or more frequently than once per month? This is not a problem - you may purchase 30m meetings for $40 or 60m meetings for $70.